But where does your ideal customer shop and how do you build a relationship with him? Use precise targeting with the BALÍK PLUS network.

It could be a great marketing strategy for your e-shop if…

  • you want to increase the conversion rate by existing customers.
  • you have difficulties to convert one-time customers into recurring ones.
  • you get only average reviews.
  • you want to exceed customer expectations.
  • you want to receive a financial reward from us and thus reduce the packaging costs.


A package insert will be read by 3 times more customers than an e-mail newsletter

When was the last time you opened an e-mail newsletter from  a company  or a brand? How many have you received only in the last week? How many of them ended up immediately in your spam or trash folder? Why do you think your customers are different?

The advantage of the package insert is that the customer cannot overlook it. This does not apply to an e-mail newsletter. The package insert is your printed newsletter, which will be read by 3-4 times more customers than the e-mail newsletter.

Package inserts


  • Opportunity to present your business – competitive advantage, your offer, special promotions.
  • If you offer your customer added value in the form of a discount coupon, there is a better chance that he will make another purchase.
  • Inserts help to build customer loyalty – you thank your customers for the purchase and give the communication a personal touch.
  • You will receive a financial reward for each package insert. This way you can reduce packaging costs.


How does it work?

You define the goals of the campaign and the target group. We will deliver the advertising inserts to the partners and control the network. Online stores then put inserts to their packages. Customers associate a positive shopping experience with package inserts and use the offers.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us.