Klenoty Aurum – new face for 2018

Klenoty Aurum is one of the biggest shop with jewelers and watch in Czech republic, with it´s very famous online shop too. The last pre-Christmas campaign Klenoty Aurum was evaluated as a very successful one and due such results, company launch a new campaign in April 2018 in a similar concept again. The goal of the last year campaign was to present a new face of the company and to introduce a new series of signed products at the same time. In 2017, as a face of Klenoty Aurum was selected the world-famous hockey legend Jaromir Jágr. In 2018 was chosen another famous personality from the sport world Gabriela Koukalova.

ňAs has been said, the goal of the campaign was to present a new face every year and support thematic events such as “black friday” at once. The client (Klenoty Aurum) offered their customers a pre-Christmas gift in the form of an exclusive 20% discount on the purchase of luxury jewelry and watches. The campaign was aimed exclusively at support of a 2-month online shop.

Last, but not least important goal was the communication focus on shops in the mall, to present all the shop all over the Czech Republic.



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